Biden Prioritizes Beach Home Fencing Project Over Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security reported an arrest of well over 2,000 illegal migrants close to the southern part of the United States border a few days back.

This trend has continued to increase in the last few weeks. Yet, statistics show the number of illegal migrants finding their way into the nation tripled what it used to be in the last three decades. 

In the wake of all that is happening in the country, Biden recently gave a contract to the Department of Homeland Security to build a taxpayer-funded security fence around his home for a jaw-wrenching $456,548. 

Americans are presently worried about where the priorities of the president lie. The country’s borders are yet to find a befitting wall that would protect the nation from increasing illegal entry of drug cartels and terrorists. Still, Biden prioritizes his home security over that of Americans. 

Biden Prefers Sending Delegates, Rather Than Personally Checking Federal Projects

In a recent analysis conducted by Fox News’ David Webb and Anita Vogel, they stated Biden prefers to go to the climate change summit himself, while sending delegates to the American border.

This shows Biden spends more time trying to impress the international space than personally supervising national projects, like the United States border. 

Also, in furtherance of Webb’s assessment, he stated sending delegates to supervise such national projects only puts America in harm’s way. In the same way Islamists found their way into Venezuela, America is also on the brink of having this outbreak in random communities.

Biden’s visit to the border would change a lot of things. Yet, he has spent so many weekends in his Delaware home; however, it would make Americans happy if Biden could devote some of the time at home to taking a visit to the border.  

How Americans Feel About This Move by Biden

According to a report released by the United States Customs and Border Protection, over 1,700,000 illegal migrants have found their way onto American soil in 2021. While this is quite an alarming number, the government has not fully disclosed this fact. 

Americans who have been compelled into accepting illegal migrants onto American soil are beginning to express their fears. In March 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris was designated as the supervisory head to check the activities at the United States border.

However, rather than visit the border that month, Harris traveled to France for an official assignment. The situation might seem pretty standard now, but things might change in the coming years with extensive accommodation facilities built close to the border.

The big question many Americans are asking is this: when will there finally be a wall at the American border? This terrain of resettling illegal migrants into the country cannot continue for long.