Biden Doesn’t Care What Americans Think About Him

On Monday, President Biden downplayed his sagging poll ratings in an interview with a Cincinnati television station. Biden claimed he did not seek the country’s highest position because of the poll results.

An opinion survey conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University found Biden’s popularity rating has dropped to a record low of 38 percent, just one year before the 2022 midterms.

According to a recent CNN survey done by SSRS, at least 58 percent of Americans also say Biden hasn’t given sufficient priority to the most pressing issues facing the country.

As he nears his first anniversary in office, Biden was asked if he thought it was necessary to re-evaluate some of his administration’s goals.

Public Opinion Does Not Bother Biden

Biden stated he did not run for president because of the polls.

Biden asserted his prior recovery efforts and existing legislation, as well as his “Build Back Better” proposal, would have a significant impact on everyday Americans.

He also stated his poll ratings were basically the same as those of other previous presidents, notably Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, throughout their terms in office.

Biden then indicated that individuals were experiencing worry as a result of the coronavirus and rising energy prices. Biden ultimately blamed COVID for his poor polling.

Although many people are concerned, Biden believes presidents should not be the ones trying to ease people’s immediate worries. That is especially true when you consider around 750,000 individuals have died, due to COVID.

Biden went on to add many people have been left with psychological wounds as a result of this. Because of COVID, schools have not been able to open. In Biden’s subsequent remarks, he stated we are in a position with a great deal of concern.

As a result of the rising gas prices, which have reached unprecedented levels, the president requested the attorney general investigate whether or not these gas corporations are exploiting their customers.

Six Million Jobs, Yet People Suffer

Even though Biden’s administration has produced almost six million jobs since taking office, Americans living in areas where people do not have work are feeling the pinch. Biden also addressed the topic of supply chain challenges affecting businesses around the country.

He stated one of the issues with the distribution network is, as a result of COVID, there is a significant lack of supplies. Biden went on to add he was referring to everything from food to semiconductors.

In addition, a significant portion of the distribution network enters the nation through the ports. By improving ports and bolstering supply networks, Biden claims the $1 trillion in infrastructure measures enacted by Congress would benefit the citizens of the United States.

In Biden’s remarks, he stated Americans should expect to see massive infrastructure projects get underway in “a matter of weeks.”