Biden Contemplates Sabotaging Another US Pipeline

Gas prices are continuously on the rise. Yet, still, the incompetent president of our country keeps blaming OPEC and Russia for the US oil shortfall that he alone created. Biden created the shortfall on the first day of his presidency when he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Now, Biden is considering the possibility of closing down yet another oil pipeline. This would almost certainly result in a rise in fuel prices in the affected area.

A pipeline situated in Michigan that transports crude oil from western Canada via Wisconsin, the Great Lakes, Michigan, and into Ontario is the subject of a recent investigation by the Biden administration.

Political Suicide Eminent For Biden

The Daily Wire said the administration has not yet reached an ultimate ruling on the project; this comes after the Canadian authorities cited an ancient international agreement to prevent the state of Michigan from closing down the pipeline.

According to Politico Pro, the revocation of permits for the [Line 5] pipeline (which transports oil from western Canada through Wisconsin, the Great Lakes, and Michigan, and into Ontario) would satisfy environmental activists who’ve already prompted the White House to restrict fossil fuel facilities.

However, it would intensify a rift with Canada and might intensify a spike in fuel prices.

Eliminating a pipeline at a time when gasoline prices in the United States are at their highest level in years might be political suicide for Biden; his support ratings have already plummeted in recent months.

To that last point, as is the instance with each of his self-inflicted crises, Biden appears to care little about — or has lost the mental capacity to understand — what constitutes “political suicide” in his catastrophic presidency.

All these contribute to his approval numbers spiraling downward at breakneck speed.

Biden’s Failures are Becoming Ridiculous

Add intellectual dishonesty to the mix and instances abound. For example, Biden tried toying with national vaccination regulations, only to subsequently withdraw them and try to force vaccine and testing regulations on businesses with 100 or more workers through OSHA.

Nevertheless, not only do COVID-positive illegal migrants continue to pour through the southern border, but they are also swiftly transported across the nation in the middle of the night.

As per Politico Pro, the consequences of shutting down the Michigan pipeline would be enormous. Business and advocacy groups have sparred about the regional impacts of closing down the pipeline.

Line 5 transports heavy crude to a series of facilities in the area, both in the US and Canada. Its operator, Enbridge, believes it supplies more than half of the propane used in northern Michigan for warming.

According to US official data, propane costs in Michigan have increased by 50% in the last year. Compared to the never-completed Keystone XL pipeline, Line 5 has been in operation since the 1950s.

It is also a significant energy supplier to Michigan and the surrounding region. Biden’s idiocy grows increasingly dangerous as he tries to appeal to — and for — his far-left controllers.