Biden and the White House Change Tone on Defunding Police

As large cities are becoming centers for criminal activity (including robberies, homicides, assaults, and petty theft), Biden and Kamala Harris seek to alienate themselves from the campaign to defund law enforcement.

Recent increases in crime have many Americans questioning the “defund the police” campaign; places like Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York are rejecting such measures.

A Fox News survey from April indicated most registered voters oppose cutting the police budget and redistributing it.

Denying His Previous Convictions

In pre-election campaigning, Biden stated he would be totally fine with re-directing some police spending. Then, Biden backtracked and accused Republicans of telling lies about the Democrat Party’s intentions to defund the cops.

As president, Biden hasn’t shown support for cutting police funding, and the White House praised Biden’s proposal to increase federal funding for cops.

During the COVID-19 epidemic and after George Floyd’s killing in May 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum; calls to defund the police escalated.

The National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice provided statistics earlier this year, showing a spike in 2020. From May 2020 to May 2021, big city homicides climbed by 16%.

Violent crime increased by 3.9 percent in cities with populations greater than one million, and by 5.8 percent in cities with populations between 500,000 and one million. Towns with populations of under 10,000 people fell by 5.2 percent.

Biden wrote in an October 2020 Instagram post, highlighting that it is beyond time we address structural racism in all sectors of this society and change our criminal justice system. 

In September 2020, Harris lauded the “greatness” and “intensity” of BLM protests, while insisting they were “essential.” In December, Harris urged Americans to “keep saying it: all black lives matter.”

Lack of Support for the Very Same Black Communities

However, the BLM movement has recently expressed unhappiness with the Biden administration’s lack of support.

Black Lives Matter said minority communities were being harassed more than they were under Trump. This is because Biden’s sending more military weaponry to [those] communities for police use.

Following a June meeting with White House officials and Black Lives Concern organizers, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation told CNBC it is amazed by [the Biden administration’s] slow progress on topics that matter to black people.

Before their election, Biden and Harris were chastised for failing to mention or condemn the long-term, broad damage inflicted on Americans and companies as a result of the many Black Lives Matter riots.

If the Jan. 6 Capitol takeover had been a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters, Biden said they would have been handled very, very differently.

Officials from the Biden administration said this week, they are partnering with the Justice Department and FBI to help local police agencies in cities plagued by systematic smash-and-grab robberies. Psaki previously linked rising retail theft to COVID-19.

Biden officially signed three bipartisan bills supporting police officers, law enforcement, and government authorities. Requests for a reaction from the White House went unanswered.