Biden, Democrats Losing Their Hold on Hispanic Voters

Democrats are losing ground with Hispanic supporters, significant Hispanic leaders are warning President Biden and his congressional colleagues.

A recent Wall Street Journal survey found Hispanic voters would back either a Democrat or Republican congressional nominee if the midterm elections were conducted today.

Last year, almost 60% said they would vote for a Democrat candidate. 37% backed the Democrats this month, while 37% backed the Republicans. Around 1 in 5 were uncertain.

As per Suffolk University Political Research Institute director David Paleologos, Republicans are eroding Democrats’ monopoly on the Hispanic vote, as Biden’s Department of Justice tries to sue states like Georgia over election integrity legislation and Texas over redistricting plans.

Democrats and Socialism

He informed Washington Examiner that both parties recognize Hispanic votes might decide the 2022 midterm elections. In several of their polls, Hispanics were shown to be more concerned about education, immigration, and Republican social media assaults.

Republican consultant Cesar Conda claims Democrats are losing Hispanic support.

He said Republicans can win over Hispanics by rejecting big government socialism and delivering actual answers on education, employment, and the economy. Hispanics are outraged the Democrats are imposing the same socialism they fled in their home areas.

As said by Conda, a former assistant to Vice President Dick Cheney and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Hispanics are worried about job security because of Biden’s vaccination mandates. 

According to Navigators Global, the Hispanic community is not homogenous. Each subgroup has its own set of issues. Legalizing undocumented immigrants isn’t a motivating issue among Hispanics.

Mexican Americans are more enthused about immigration legislation than Puerto Ricans or Cubans. Supporters in Central Florida want Puerto Rico to be a state.

Latinos’ Representation

As a result of the survey, numerous Democrats expressed concerns about how the party communicates with and represents Latinos under Biden’s administration.

Some Democrat operatives are disturbed by Republican base identification, engagement, and mobilization. The House Democrats’ campaign arm started a $30 million effort targeting minorities last month.

Their Senate equivalent has stressed Latino-centric financial talking points, such as the low jobless rate and how Biden’s expanded child tax credit has benefited 17 million kids.

The White House and the Democratic National Committee’s use of the term “Latinx” sparked criticism. Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona, who was on the Biden campaign’s Latino Internal Committee, called it a “confirmation bias vicious loop.”

It won’t cost you an election, but using Latinx in mass media indicates a lack of understanding of the Latino population and underlying issues. Absurdly, the White House has been chastised for its lack of Latino and Hispanic leadership.

Among Biden’s Latino Cabinet officials are Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of National Security; Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services; and Miguel Cardona, Education Secretary.

Despite the epidemic and migratory crises, Becerra has not briefed the media from the White House. Last month, four Latino senators urged Biden to hire at least one additional “aide to the president.”

It also noted that over half of Biden’s selections are racially or culturally diverse. However, the White House’s Department of Presidential Personnel recruited a minority recruitment aide this week.