Biden Abruptly Sides With Alito

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, prompting security officials to erect barrier protection fence posts around the Supreme Court.

Why? To get their way, the left will resort to violence. 

Leftist Violence

That “progressives” and radicals aren’t the only ones who use mob violence is evident from January 6, 2021, storming of Congress by followers of erstwhile President Donald Trump.

Their attack on democracy was shocking not only because it was massive, but also because it came from the opposite political party. 

Store owners boarded up their windows before Election Day because they anticipated left-wingers would revolt if Trump won.

They feared right-wingers would turn ugly if President Joe Biden won, which happened. 

Leftist violence is no longer a surprise. It’s more of a habit. During the dreadful summer of 2020, left-wing riots broke out almost daily. As well, you may recall the 2018 Supreme Court riots after Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s candidacy was confirmed. 

They wouldn’t have put up a fence this week if the court’s decision (which was leaked inexplicably) upheld the fantasy stories of an enshrined right to abortion.

It is illogical to expect attendees at the March for Life to start destroying things. 

Our culture, however, accepts and often justifies “progressives” who riot. Their agitation is seen as a regular part of politics. Their outbursts of rage and direct action are often praised as a just and enthusiastic affirmation of moral outrage against unfairness.

Years ago, Democrats backed people who tore 50 city centers apart over George Floyd’s death. Left-wing mayors neglected their cities’ desires. 

Truths and Untruths

Government officials, who one would think would favor the ballot box over the baseball bat, publicly sided with mayhem.

Media “fact-checkers,” say it’s untrue that Kamala Harris, then a lawmaker, now supports violence. Their analysis is biased.

Why didn’t Harris distinguish between the two protest “movements”? Why did she warn everyone to “beware” of the street thugs? She liked them and didn’t want to offend the Democratic base. 

The Left’s street violence is consistent with its constitutional vandalism. If Democrats can’t win under the current rules, they demand that they be changed. 

Soon after the Alito draft surfaced, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) demanded the Senate filibuster be abolished.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) requested that the Supreme Court be stacked with left liberals to cement Roe v. Wade. We must ignore the Constitution and the will of a majority of Congress if we are to win. 

So, when Biden said a woman has the right to “abort a child” in response to the Alito draft, his staff must have collectively cringed. Though, crucially, he responded the general populace must now decide whether abortion should be legal. 

He stated the Alito proposal should spur the midterm electorate to elect representatives and senators who support legal abortion. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said the Senate would move to formalize abortion rights. 

The absurdity is striking. That’s how it should’ve been. Biden said judges shouldn’t decide. That’s what Alito said and what Roe’s critics have said for fifty years.