Banks Want To Dismiss Jeffrey Epstein Women’s Cases

Two major financial institutions – JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank – have petitioned the federal court to dismiss the cases.

The cases assert the institutions should have been aware of indications of sex trafficking committed by Jeffrey Epstein. Due to the absence of proof, these banks are of the opinion they should not be associated with the case.

Victims and Enablers

Deutsche Bank, as well as JPMorgan Chase, are requesting a federal court to hurl out litigation that claims the financial institutions should have seen substantiation of sexual exploitation by Jeffrey Epstein.

The banks stated in their filings late on Friday that they did not commit any irresponsible actions that caused suffering to the women who filed the legal cases and the litigation did not demonstrate that they profited from Epstein’s sex trafficking.

About a month prior to the proceedings in the federal district court in New York, two women, who were each named Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit against the banks and the government of the United States Virgin Islands.

This is where Epstein had a property on a small island.

The lawsuits, which are seeking class-action status in order to represent other survivors of Epstein, allege the banks willfully benefited from Epstein’s sexual exploitation and “chose revenue over following the law” in order to earn tens of millions from the financier.

The lawsuits seek to represent other Epstein victims.

Statements From The Banks

They said banks should have avoided Epstein following his arrest in Florida in 2006 (he subsequently pled guilty to state counts of soliciting prostitutes), as well as the impact of a federal probe and news coverage of the case.

The claims allege that Epstein’s sex-trafficking enterprise could not have survived or grown without the financial institution’s involvement.

On Friday, JPMorgan Chase stated Jane Doe, who is involved in their lawsuit, has the right to justice. However, the case filed against JPMC is directed at the incorrect party, has legal validity, and ought to be thrown out, per JPMorgan.

Between the years 2013 and 2018, Deutsche Bank stated it provided Epstein with “routine banking services.”

The large financial institution then went on to state the lawsuit does not even come close to sufficiently asserting that Deutsche Bank was a part of Epstein’s felonious sex trafficking organization.

Speculation about the complete list of his associates and frequents to Epstein Island are still being had; nevertheless, there are some details to be looked into in regards to the negligence of the banks and how they provided service to Epstein.

Do you agree that the banks should not be attached to the Jeffrey Epstein case? Or are you of the opinion that the banks would have seen the evidence of sex trafficking by Jeffery Epstein?