Attorney General Asked to Clarify Payment of Millions to Illegal Migrants

Mitch McConnell, the leader of Republican senators, and Chuck Grassley, a high-ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, have written to the Attorney General to clarify the payment of millions of dollars to illegal migrants.

The purpose of this is to repay illicit migrants who were displaced from their families during the tenure of Donald Trump. We can recall a couple of weeks back, it was all over the media Biden intended to pay millions of dollars to illegal migrants who are settled in America.

However, the two high-ranking statesmen (Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley) pushed the Judiciary Committee to clarify whether they would make the payments. 

How Republicans are Taking This New Information

In response to the news Biden was going to pay illegal migrants a whopping sum of approximately $1 billion, Republicans are in full rage.

Many of them opined if the Biden-led administration goes ahead to make that payment to illegal migrants, it would only encourage more illegal migrants to attempt unlawfully crossing the United States border. 

In the letter sent in by Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell, they stated if the administration paid such an outrageous amount of money to illegal migrants, it is a profound disrespect to the American masses.

In response to the fury report of Republicans and a continuous move by lawmakers in the House and Senate, Biden has come out with a disclaimer, stating he has no intentions of making such payments. 

Following the disclaimer released by President Biden, the ACLU rebuked both Biden and the White House. They repeated Biden might not have known about some of the meetings, deliberations, and arrangements the Justice Department has made over the last few months.  

Response From the DOJ and the White House

In order to further clarify the assertions made by Biden, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated Biden is very comfortable with the settlements of illegal migrants who are currently in litigation against the American government.

At the moment, the Justice Department has yet to make any comments about the matter. However, any resident of America who is conversant with the situation would understand $450,000 per head is too much and America cannot afford that at the moment.  

American senators are wondering what the position of the Justice Department is. In a perfect democracy, the three arms of government are independent of each other.

Following the taciturn nature of the Department of Justice, many Americans are wondering if the Attorney General and his Justice Department are compliant only with the orders of Biden. 

It is no longer news that Biden and the ACLU have given their stance on the matter. However, with how the Department of Justice is currently handling the case, it is unclear whose side they are on.