White House Allocates Billions to Fight Climate Change, Amid Rising Gas Prices

President Joe Biden intends to spend upwards of $11 billion on climate-related projects in foreign nations, according to the White House’s almost $5.7 trillion budget revealed Monday.

The idea comes weeks after Congress adopted a $1.5 trillion omnibus appropriations measure for the remainder of the fiscal year.

It would fund $44.9 billion “to address the climate problem.” Such an accomplishment would result in a $16.7 billion increase in climate-related spending from 2021 levels.

$11 Billion for Climate Change

The White House requests more than $11 billion in “international climate financing” in a section headlined “Restoring America’s Global Climate Leadership.”

This would virtually treble global green energy investment.


Approximately $1.6 billion would go to the United Nations (UN) Green Climate Fund, supporting “climate adaptation and mitigation programs in underdeveloped countries.”

Additionally, the budget would grant a $3.2 billion credit to the Clean Technology Fund, which, according to its website, currently has $5.3 billion available to assist developing nations.

This is meant to help with scaling up low-carbon technologies with considerable long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction potential.

Marc Morano, an erstwhile George W. Bush presidency staffer, told The Daily Wire contributing billions to the United Nations fund is akin to paying developing country leaders to keep their citizens poor.

“The United Nations may be anticipated to award the greatest money to leaders of nations prepared to keep their population impoverished,” Morano, author of “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Worse Than You Think,” stated.

“Forget about affordable, dependable fossil fuels for the developing world’s poorest nations, since the US will impose only ‘green’ energy on those most needed.”

White House officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Declarations and Plans

Additionally, the president’s 2023 green energy strategy aims to reduce “dependence on manufacturers of non-renewable resources.”

Biden declared his international climate vow in April, followed by remarks at the United Nations in September, in which he discussed his goal of “mobilizing” $100 billion for developing countries.

Erstwhile President Barack Obama pledged to contribute $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund. The government fell short of the figure.

Soon after, former President Donald Trump withdrew the US from international climate agreements, claiming they would cost taxpayers “a huge amount.”

Biden’s budget plan, which includes billions of dollars for green energy expenditures, comes as gas prices reach an all-time high.

Inflation reached new all-time highs last month, as the Consumer Price Index rose 7.9 percent year over year. The rise set a new 40-year high.

On Monday, Biden asserted his budget sends a “clear message that we prioritize fiscal prudence” and chastised Trump for “fiscal mismanagement.”

“My father had a saying: ‘Do not tell me what you value.’ “Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value,” Biden stated.

“However, the budget I’m announcing today makes it quite clear to the American people what we prioritize.”

“To begin, budgetary responsibility is necessary. Second, safety and security, and third, the necessary expenditures to construct a great America.”