AOC Warns Democrats About 2022 Midterm Elections

During an appearance this week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stated that Democrats should be anxious about not only losing independents in the next midterm elections but also losing the Democratic Party’s base. 

Her Statements

The words were spoken by Ocasio-Cortez in an interview with New York Magazine, according to the publication. In the discourse, AOC asserted that “senior congress members, who’ve been here in distinct political key moments,” prefer to work in a “buddy-buddy and backslapping” political structure where “we’ll cut deals or go into a room with some whiskey and some smoke, and you’ll come out and figure something out.” 

She stated, “I believe there is a genuine sense of nostalgia for that time and a belief that it still exists or that we may return to that time.” “We must recognize that this isn’t just about the middle of a road or an increasingly limited band of independent voters,” says the Rep. In reality, this is about the breakdown of support amongst young folks, among the Democratic core, who feel that they put in long hours to get this democratic president but aren’t necessarily being recognized.” 

Biden’s Polling Numbers

Ocasio-Cortez stated that Biden, who is suffering from dismal polling numbers, ought to pursue an even more far-left policy to energize the Democratic Party’s base: 

However, she asserts that those days are long gone and haven’t been for quite some time. Moreover, she asserts, the fact that Biden and others are unaware of this could mean disaster in the upcoming presidential race. 

In light of President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings and the president’s party’s historical tendency to lose, on average, 26 House seats in midterm elections, the Democrats face an uphill battle to maintain control of Congress. This situation necessitates energizing the party’s progressive base, according to Ocasio-Cortez.

In a letter to President Joe Biden, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other 97 members of the House Progressive Caucus call on him to issue executive directives to enact environmental protection laws, lower health care costs, cancel national student-loan debts and expand immigration protections. 

If the president pursues and begins to govern firmly using executive action and other means at his disposal, she believes that the country is still in the game. If, on the other hand, we decide to sit back and watch people’s lives go by, I believe we will be in serious trouble,” she says. As a result, I don’t believe that anything is fixed in stone. “I believe that we can shape our destiny here.” 

Ocasio-Cortez also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of Latino representation in the Democratic Party, at least according to her. “I think it’s shameful, to put it bluntly, that there isn’t more Latino representation,” she added. “This isn’t just about identity presentation, either; it’s also about issue representation, which is something else to consider.”