Airport Workers Could Soon Be Getting a Pay Bump

Airlines are not having the greatest times as of late. Considerable numbers of delays and groundings in flights have created issues on a fairly consistent basis.

The whole matter has spiraled so far out of control that the US Department of Transportation is weighing in.

According to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, airlines that aren’t able to stop the problems they’re having with flights may catch heat from the federal government.

Needless to say, Americans reliant upon airlines for transportation aren’t too pleased about what’s been happening with flights lately.

Now, issues with airlines have caused Democrats in Congress to propose legislation that increases the wages of their staff, per The Hill.

A Potential Pay Bump

The bill introduced by Democratic lawmakers is the Good Jobs for Good Airports Act.

In a nutshell, this legislation aims to have airlines increase what they’re paying their workers, with the penalty of losing funding from the federal government if they refuse.

Airport workers who will see pay bumps if this bill passes include baggage handlers, cleaners, security staff, wheelchair agents, and others.

Under this bill, airlines would have to ensure their workers get at least $15 per hour, along with an assortment of workplace benefits.

Democrats furthermore argue that “poverty wages” are unacceptable and fail to make travel smoother for the people moving through airports each day.

As left-wing lawmakers demand these pay bumps, airlines are cutting back on flights and the communities they provide service to.

Airlines are already dealing with pilot shortages, with some pilots actually working overtime shifts to avoid even more disturbances with air travel.

What Airlines Really Need

Unfortunately, pay bumps alone are not going to get rid of flight impediments for air travelers.

What airlines are truly in need of is more hands on deck. During the height of 2020-era lockdowns, these companies lost a lot of workers.

The 2021 COVID vaccine mandates that were rolled out certainly didn’t help matters either. These mandates led to a good deal of airport workers leaving their jobs. Even though airlines today have backed away from vaccine mandates, the harm is already done.

Some reports speculate it could take years for airlines to get back to where they were before 2020. Despite what some might believe, threats and strong-arming from the federal government don’t provide a feasible path to truly improving air travel.

Amid all this, airlines maintain they’re doing all they can to deliver good service to the travelers who rely upon them.

Do you think what Democrats are trying to do to airlines is going to fix solutions to air travel problems? What do you believe the solution is? In the comments field below, don’t hold back your thoughts or feedback.