A Veteran Democrat Congressman Warns His Party Of Impending Doom

During an appearance with a local newspaper this week, retiring Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper (TN) cautioned that the Democrat Party in his state is on the brink of extinction since Democrats are self-righteous and tell the public what to do.

Cooper, 67, announced his departure late last month after his constituency was changed during redistricting.

Lack Of Managerial Skills

“As always, Democrats are blind to potential threats. The 100-year tendency toward the other party is the greatest threat we face in an off-year race after winning the White House. Redistricting is a drop in the bucket in comparison to that historical tendency,” Cooper informed the Nashville Scene. “Our party’s managerial skills need to be improved. We don’t foresee, arrange, or plan.”

“We have an addiction to telling other people what they should think. If you’re so self-righteous, you’re not going to win many elections,” he later remarked. “It’s critical to communicate with your voters, not to be their boss. You’re their spokesman. This recipe must be perfected. Tennessee’s Democratic Party is on the verge of annihilation. For a while, we’ve been on a long downhill spiral.”

Cooper’s remarks came after Democrat President Joe Biden’s popularity rating fell below 40% for the first time in history this week in the RealClearPolitics mean, which is a composite of all major national polls.

“For the first time since assuming office, Biden’s approval rating slipped below 40% based on an aggregation of polling data,” Fox News stated. “A Real Clear Politics average of all recent national polls that looked at Joe Biden’s popularity and disapproval found the president’s popularity at 39% and his disapproval at 54%,” the site says.

A Rising Star

Morgan Ortagus, a former employee of the Trump administration, is seen as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. This is because former President Trump has backed her.

In a statement, Ortagus said, “In President Trump’s presidency, I pushed for conservative ideas that put America first. But now, we must work harder than ever before to strike back against the Democrats’ radicalism. We constructed the wall, established a strong economy, decided to stand up to our foes, and championed freedom at home and abroad. But the Biden Administration and its radical Democrat partners in Congress are dead intent on erasing that good work. As a United States Navy Reserve Officer, I am responding to a call to service, and I’ll never back down from battling for my nation and the wonderful people of Tennessee to uphold American greatness. I am grateful for President Trump’s endorsement, and I look forward to gaining your vote and working with you to defend our conservative ideals.”

Trump said of Ortagus, “I couldn’t be happier because she’s an outstanding champion for America First and MAGA!”

“Morgan was great in her capacity at the US State Department, working with Secretary Mike Pompeo, and knows the challenges faced by China, Russia, Iran, and others, and will be strong, not just roll over like the Dems and RINOs,” Trump continued. “She is a member of the United States Navy Reserves and will serve our military. She is not going to give in to the Woke Mob or the Leftist LameStream Media.”